Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to ensuring that each applicant is given fair consideration for employment opportunities based on their work skills and experience. If you are interested in current employment opportunities at SEI, or would like to be considered for a future position, please forward your resume in confidence by fax or email.

SEI has long been a reputable employer of dedicated professionals and technically proficient, skilled labor. With a workforce turnover rate that is less than one percent annually, SEI proudly exceeds industry averages for personnel retention in manufacturing and related industry sectors.

The employees of SEI are one of the company’s greatest assets and SEI takes considerable pride in its hiring and employee-retention practices. In support of this, the work environment at SEI has been developed to ensure the health, safety, and support of all employees along with clear direction through job descriptions and performance appraisals. As well, the processes and the culture at SEI incorporates the development of an employee and a concern for the person behind the job, and it is these high values that have consistently contributed to a high degree of employee satisfaction, quality labor relations, and the ongoing success of SEI.

Featured Career Opportunities at SEI